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Training Course on Design and Evaluation of Innovation Policies

Innovation is viewed as a potential solution to economic and social concerns, and good policy is required to support it. An enabling innovation ecosystem supports governments in evidence-based decision-making and fosters collaboration among stakeholders (ADB, 2021).

A lack of knowledge on assessing innovation policies in APO members may impede the implementation of tools/instruments used to support innovation directly or indirectly, which is critical for the growth strategies of developing and developed countries (World Bank, 2020). Hence, APO member governments require instruments and procedures for formulating and evaluating innovation policies that are tailored to their specific development contexts.

This training course aims to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to contribute effectively to the design, implementation, and evaluation of innovation policies, ultimately promoting economic growth, technological advances, and societal wellbeing.

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Date 23 June 2023
Organizer Development Academy of the Philippines
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