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Training Course on Green Productivity

Industrialization is a pathway toward economic development as it generates employment, increases exports, and raises standards of living. Emerging economies in the Asia-Pacific are undergoing industrialization but have yet to reap the benefits of economic prosperity. The current business scenario faces unprecedented challenges including the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, high carbon emissions, pollution, and natural resource depletion. Enterprises need to adopt appropriate ways to grow sustainably.

The APO developed the GP concept to ensure that gains in productivity, quality, and profitability also improve social well-being and environmental protection. To build a pool of accredited GP experts in member economies, the APO developed APO-GPS 201: Certification Scheme and Competency Standards for GP Specialists. This training course is a prerequisite for candidates to become certified GP Specialists. GP is one of the flagship programs offered by the APO to its members.

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Date 30 October 2023 -
10 November 2023
Organizer Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality, Vietnam and APO Secretariat
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