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Training Course on Leadership in Public-sector Organizations

In the postpandemic era and with other ongoing changes, public-sector officials must broaden their skills, strengthen management systems, and enhance performance by supporting new productivity initiatives. Strong leadership is an essential component to solve the problems and challenges faced by the public-sector organization, as well as its complexity (Lyndsay, C. University of Strathclyde, 2020). Over the last decade, the APO has organized a range of activities and developed strategies to improve public-sector productivity. The APO Public-sector Productivity Program Framework and Framework for Public-sector Leadership map out the necessary competencies for efficient public service delivery. It is necessary to update the leadership qualities required to make public-sector organizations more innovative in response to environmental challenges.

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Date 29 May 2023 -
01 June 2023
Sri Lanka
Organizer National Productivity Secretariat, Sri Lanka and APO Secretariat
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