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Workshop on Business Model Strategies for Startups

Business models can be simply plans to make money, what a company will and will not do, how to meet market and customer needs, utilize technology, and analyze a company’s strengths and weaknesses. Good business models give a competitive advantage in the market. Productivity plays a vital role in successful startups, which must make the most of limited resources, by incentivizing employees and fostering an environment for collaboration. The business model canvas is an essential tool for designing, discussing, and reinventing business models and consists of nine building blocks: customer segments; value propositions; channels for delivering value; customer relationships; revenue streams; key resources; activities; partners; and cost structure.

The applications of the business model canvas can be combined with the lean startup approach with productivity as its core. The primary skillsets involved are useful for all successful startup founders.

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Date 15 May 2023 -
18 May 2023
Organizer Mongolian Productivity Organization
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