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Workshop on Developing Healthy Workplaces for SMEs

Health and well-being are critical for enhancing people’s productivity. They apply across genders, ages, and locations to achieve inclusive productivity under the APO Vision 2025. The ILO reported in 2019 that more than 1.1 million people die every year due to work-related accidents or diseases in the Asia- Pacific region, and women, those with disabilities, and migrant workers are often involved.

In addition to health, the well-being of workers in the rapidly changing environment caused by COVID- 19 pandemic-related restrictions and digitalization must be considered. Where to work, how to work, and who should work have become increasingly important considerations. In the Asia-Pacific, SMEs are dominant, and they employ the majority of workers. Therefore, SMEs need to adopt, establish, or strengthen measures to improve health and well-being in the workplace. They must also adjust to the postpandemic and digital environments. However, many SMEs have limited know-how and finances to do this, and policies supporting them are limited.

This workshop will examine frameworks and good practices for developing and operating healthy workplaces in SMEs. It will discuss the linkages to productivity and promote best practices for SMEs across APO members.

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Date 03 August 2022 -
05 August 2022
Organizer Development Academy of the Philippines and APO Secretariat
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