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Workshop on Digital Transformation for the Public Sector

The public sector is undergoing rapid digital transformation to improve its engagement with citizens, deliver better public services, cut costs, and help deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has underscored the importance of digital technologies in building economic and social resilience through strategic, agile, innovative approaches and sped up the digital transformation process of the public sector.

The OECD’s Digital Government Index 2019 states that digital government represents an evolution from e-government. A number of APO members are leading this transformative process. The World Digital Government Ranking in 2021 by the Institute of D-government, Waseda University, Japan, reported that Singapore, the Republic of Korea, Japan, and the Republic of China were in the top 10 in the transition to digital government.

This workshop will share and examine the imperatives for and advances in digital transformation of the public sector, especially its adoption levels and strategic approaches

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Date 13 July 2022 -
15 July 2022
Organizer Development Academy of the Philippines and APO Secretariat
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