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Workshop on Inclusive Rural Development

Agriculture is an essential sector and major source of employment in many Asian countries. For comprehensive, productive rural development, it is important to involve women, youth, and persons with different abilities, in rural community activities. These groups are often overlooked, but their inclusion is essential for productivity growth.

Inclusive rural transformation is central to eliminating poverty and hunger and building inclusive, sustainable societies for all. The process includes raising agricultural productivity, increasing marketable surpluses, expanding off-farm employment opportunities, providing better access to services and infrastructure, and building the capacity to influence policy, all of which can lead to improved rural livelihoods and inclusive growth (IFAD, Rural Development Report 2016). Governments and enterprises can contribute by engaging disadvantaged groups in meaningful employment and supporting improvement in their socioeconomic status.

This workshop will examine inclusive rural transformation and share innovative examples of social inclusion and rural economic revitalization initiatives of governments, private-sector enterprises, and public–private partnerships.

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Date 25 July 2022 -
27 July 2022
APO Secretariat
Organizer APO Secretariat
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