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Workshop on Industrial Ecosystems for Digital Transformation

Since the Industry 4.0 concept emerged, APO members have been undertaking digital transformation and establishing conducive ecosystems. One common strategy is promoting digitalization of manufacturing and SMEs with the assistance of technology providers, business advisers, research institutes, and other partners to create a conducive environment for digital transformation.

As digital technologies become more affordable, industrial clusters and value chains also evolve. According to an International Data Corporation analysis in 2022, a flexible industry ecosystem of partners with necessary skills, resources, and abilities is critical to ensure the growth and stability of businesses and their ongoing digital transformation.

As industry landscapes become more complicated, dynamic, and connected, this workshop will provide references for digital transformation strategies and how organizations can leverage industrial ecosystems and their stakeholders for sustained transformation and higher productivity.

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Date 16 August 2023 -
18 August 2023
Republic of China
Organizer China Productivity Center and APO Secretariat
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