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Green Productivity

Green Productivity (GP) is a concept that evolved to address the growing concern of consumers and stakeholders of business communities. Alarmed by ever-increasing negative impacts of development activities on the environment, society has started demanding environment-friendly goods, processes, and services. To address that demand, the APO developed the concept of GP as a strategy for enhancing productivity while improving environmental performance. It is the application of appropriate productivity and environmental management tools, techniques, and technologies to reduce the environmental impact of organization’s activities, goods, and services. GP aims to ensure environmental protection while making business profitable. GP recognizes that the environment and development are two sides of the same coin. For any development strategy to be sustainable, it needs to have a focus on quality, profitability, and the environment, referred to as the triple focus of GP.
GP methodology methodology consists of six major steps, broken down into 13 tasks. These tasks are accomplished using GP tools such as checklists, material balance, Pareto charts, etc. in combination with GP techniques such as 5S, the 3Rs, etc.
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