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Green Productivity methodology

Green Productivity (GP) methodology consists of six major steps (success in six). Each step can be completed by following specified tasks, of which there are 13:

Step 1: Getting started
Task 1: Team formation Task 2: Walk-through survey and information collection

Step 2: Planning
Task 3: Identification of problems Task 4: Setting objectives and targets

Step 3: Generation, evaluation, and prioritization of GP options Task 5: Generation of GP options Task 6: Screening, evaluation, and prioritization of GP options

Step 4: Implementation of GP options
Task 7: Formulation of GP implementation and plan Task 8: Implementation of selected options Task 9: Training, awareness building, and developing competence

Step 5: Monitoring and review
Task 10: Monitoring and evaluation of results Task 11: Management review

Step 6: Sustaining GP Task 12: Incorporating changes into organizational system of management Task 13: Identifying new/additional problem areas for continuous improvement

The methodology can be applied both in profit-making as well as nonprofit organizations. It has been found useful in community development projects as well.

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