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The word “productivity” relates to the “output” (of goods and services produced) in relation to the quantity of resources or inputs used to produce them. Some [Read More]

The term participatory irrigation management (PIM) refers to the participation of irrigation users, i.e., farmers, in the management of irrigation systems not merely at the tertiary [Read More]

PDCA stands for “plan, do, check, and act.” The PDCA cycle is a checklist of the four stages one must go through to get from “problem [Read More]

Postharvest management refers to the systematic handling of agricultural products/commodities after harvesting. The postharvest chain involves a series of operations starting immediately after taking a product [Read More]

Precision farming, or site-specific farming, or precision agriculture is an integrated crop management system in which areas of land/crop within a field may be managed with [Read More]

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