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Starting with a review of the manufacturing scenario in the mid- to late 1980s when the Toyota Production System (TPS) gained a global foothold, the P-Insights [Read More]


The enduring impact of COVID-19 on global businesses revealed both vulnerabilities and resilience. This study examines success stories from four developed APO economies, analyzing their approaches [Read More]


This P-Insights unveils the exciting possibilities of smart green manufacturing, an innovative integration of Industry 4.0 and circular economy principles aimed at achieving sustainable growth. Dr. [Read More]


This report analyzes why and how APO members must use digital technologies to optimize economic growth, productivity, and social outcomes. By segmenting the member economies into [Read More]


Transformation is never easy. The manufacturing journey undertaken by 15 companies in five member countries at various stages of Industry 4.0 are highlighted here as case [Read More]


Developed in the late 1990s, MFCA is an environmental management tool since it increases the transparency of material flows, thus decreasing waste. This easy-to-understand manual contains [Read More]


An assessment of the impact of existing BE/QA frameworks on 74 private-sector organizations responding to a questionnaire, focusing on those in the ROC, India, Japan, Singapore, [Read More]


The Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive of the EU came into effect in 2006. The APO published this manual aimed at SMEs in the electrical and [Read More]


Based on the results of a survey in 11 APO members, insights are offered on integrated policy-based approaches to reduce solid waste generation and disposal methods [Read More]


National reports from eight APO members show that the fostering of entrepreneurship has longer-lasting benefits than other forms of assistance, such as technology, finance, and partnership [Read More]

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