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Digital transformation presents huge opportunities but also poses serious challenges for governments. This research, based on data and evidence from 11 APO member economies, identifies navigational [Read More]


As the world moves from traditional manufacturing to knowledge-based, high-technology industry, Asian countries are gearing up to acquire new skills and competencies essential for the future [Read More]


This publication is an endeavor to help APO member economies gauge their productivity readiness using a meticulously constructed and easy to use Productivity Readiness Index (PRI). [Read More]


This publication is another comprehensive source of reliable productivity data and analysis complementing the APO Productivity Databook. It provides a thorough exploration on the significant determinants [Read More]


Compiled by an expert international panel, the APO Manual: Public-sector Productivity is structured into 11 modules addressing the diverse needs and challenges of APO members but [Read More]


Innovative leadership, as distinct from traditional management, is required for the public sector to be more transparent, accountable, and engaged with citizens. This publication assesses the [Read More]


Influenced by the “new public management” concept, the APO and other institutions are rethinking how to measure productivity in the public sector, since its roles affect [Read More]


Case studies of KM applications in public-sector organizations in India, the Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Singapore (two), and Thailand, accompanied by an explanation of the APO [Read More]

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