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A compilation of 13 demonstration projects conducted in nine member countries, 2007–2011, detailing productivity-related problems and how they were resolved. Abundant figures and tables, with before-and-after [Read More]


Summarized presentations by managers of prominent enterprises on how they incorporated CSR into core organizational activities to inspire management teams to make similar efforts.


Eight speakers at the 2011 Top Management Forum presented strategies for global management, including corporate philosophy, technology development, operational management, human resources, and marketing.


Summaries of presentations by speakers from eight globally recognized corporations on environment- and energy-conscious management strategies while ensuring business growth. Q&A sessions after each plus a [Read More]


In an age of competition among business models, these Top Management Forum presentation summaries illustrate the tradeoffs successful managers must consider before selecting the best model [Read More]


Eight top managers of globally known Japanese companies describe how a strong brand can be built up over time and how it gives the cutting edge [Read More]


Published as a sequel to Impact of Corporate Governance on Productivity: Asian Experience (2004), this volume contains a summary report on best-practice benchmarking in Asian corporate [Read More]


A joint publication of the APO and ILO, this is an exploration of how an economy, a sector, or an enterprise can restructure with maximum economic [Read More]


An examination of the dimensions and sources of social capital, its benefits and costs, and how it affects productivity.


Legal compliance, ethical practices, and social contributions are the three dimensions of corporate social responsibility (CSR), which are explored from the Japanese viewpoint.


The result of time- and resource-consuming R&D is IPRs, although many developing countries face difficulties in exploiting them for the expected economic returns. The various issues [Read More]

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