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New Year message from the APO Secretary-General Mari Amano

Happy New Year! Looking back, 2014 was a successful, exciting year. We must now build on that success by focusing on high-impact areas in 2015. The Center of Excellence (COE) Program continues to be a success story. The impact of the COE on Business Excellence (BE) under SPRING Singapore was felt beyond the region. The […]

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Yukiya Amano from IAEA visits the Secretariat

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Director-General Yukiya Amano (R) visited the APO Secretariat on 24 December 2014 for an informal discussion with Secretary-General Mari Amano on how the IAEA and APO could collaborate on peaceful uses of nuclear techniques for improved productivity in the agriculture, industry, and environmental sectors.

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Asian Quarterly Growth Map (AQGM) updated on 6 December 2014

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APO 3rd World Conference on GP

Please click here for GP Commitment Document.

APO in the News

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