Year Joined: 2004

APO Director Phork Sovanrith Secretary of State, Ministry of Industry and Handicraft
APO Alternate Director Khun Vary Under Secretary of State, Ministry of Industry and Handicraft
NPO Head Heng Eang Director, National Productivity Centre of Cambodia, Ministry of Industry and Handicraft
APO Liaison Officer Khun Rumyol Deputy Director, National Productivity Centre of Cambodia, Ministry of Industry and Handicraft
Contact details National Productivity Centre of Cambodia (NPCC), Ministry of Industry and Handicraft
No. 45 Norodom Blvd., Phnom Penh, Cambodia

    • 855-17610992
    • 855-23-222243


National Productivity Centre of Cambodia(NPCC)
NPO Established: 2004

Cambodia became a member of the APO in May 2004, after which the Royal Government of Cambodia allowed the establishment of a National Productivity Unit (NPU), which acted as the Cambodian NPO at the office level under the Industrial Affairs Department of the General Department of Industry of the Ministry of Industry Mines and Energy (MIME). Subsequently, to highlight the role of productivity in the development of Cambodia, the government decided to upgrade the NPU to departmental level under the General Department of Industry, MIME in July 2006, and the name was changed to the National Productivity Centre of Cambodia (NPCC).


The NPCC was designated by a subdecree signed by the Prime Minister of Cambodia in January 2006 to be responsible for productivity development in Cambodia. In the subdecree, the NPCC has the following roles and responsibilities:

  1. Fulfill duties and carry out any obligations as a member of the APO;
  2. Communicate and cooperate with other NPOs;
  3. Manage, facilitate, and promote the productivity movement in the Kingdom of Cambodia;
  4. Prepare policy, strategy, and other action plans to develop productivity for socioeconomic development along with the policy of the Royal Government of Cambodia;
  5. Make recommendations on policy and productivity and quality promotion programs for better work effectiveness nationwide;
  6. Make recommendations on national productivity goals through participating in drafting the national development plan to contribute to socioeconomic development;
  7. Coordinate and cooperate with ministries and institutions concerned and the private sector to promote labor productivity;
  8. Create and propose productivity concepts reflecting current trends which are appropriate to the socioeconomic development level;
  9. Provide consultation and productivity training services;
  10. Promote and support the establishment of private consultation services in the field of productivity management in the manufacturing and service sectors;
  11. Promote benchmarking on the productivity levels of private enterprises to speed up productivity improvement;
  12. Develop a productivity and quality culture to enhance national competitiveness;
  13. Cooperate with national and international organizations to prepare and implement productivity development projects;
  14. Cooperate with the APO to reward qualified entities or persons involved in productivity development;
  15. Operate under the General Secretariat of the Cambodia Productivity Council; and
  16. Research, gather, compile, and organize statistics and productivity indicators and disseminate productivity information.

To fulfill the above assignments, the NPCC was established under MIME with five offices: Administration, Productivity Promotion, Consultancy and Training, Research and Development, and Data and Productivity Information.



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