featured image 2018/12/18
APO workshop promotes Organic Agriculture 3.0

APO Secretary-General Dr. Santhi Kanoktanaporn (R) handing over the draft National Productivity Master Plan 2020–2030 to Cambodia’s Senior Minister of Industry and Handicraft Kitti Setha Pandita Cham Prasidh. 2018/12/14
APO hands over Cambodia National Productivity Master Plan document

featured image_agrotourism 2018/12/11
APO participants learn best practices in agritourism

featured image_TOT 2018/12/11
APO trains member countries in customer satisfaction indexes

featured image_r 2018/12/07
APO sets up Accreditation Body Council

featured image_R 2018/12/07
Study mission in Manila focuses on regulatory reforms

featured image_R 2018/11/27
Dr. Santhi calls upon policymakers to play a catalyst role

featured_image_TOT_Thailand 2018/11/21
APO trains trainers in strategic foresight tools

sdr 2018/11/19
APO familiarizes policymakers with emerging trends in global agrifood trade

APO_Agriculture Transformation Framework_Nov2018_featured image 2018/11/09
APO to develop Agricultural Transformation Framework

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