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Special Events

APO Press Conference on
Eco-products International Fair 2010
15 June 2009, Hotel Nikko Jakarta

As the largest international environmental fair in Asia, the Eco-products International Fair (EPIF) showcases the most advanced environmental technologies, provides opportunities to explore green business collaborations, and promotes public awareness of environmentally friendly products and services. Since the first EPIF in Malaysia in 2004, each successive fair has been larger and generated more publicity. The latest EPIF, held in Manila, the Philippines, in March this year, brought together the greatest number of exhibitors in EPIF history, notably SMEs from the host country. The strong support from the host government, with visits to the venue by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and Philippine government cabinet members, generated enormous publicity. Attracting 83,000 visitors was a remarkable achievement given the current economic downturn.

Press Conference on EPIF2010 (L–R): Secretary-General Takenaka, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Chairman Kitayama, KADIN President Hidayat, MOMT Acting Secretary-General Harry Heriawan, MOMT Director-General Masri.

Building on past success, the APO began promoting the next fair in Jakarta, Indonesia, by holding a press conference on 15 June 2009 at the Hotel Nikko Jakarta. It was announced that the next EPIF would be held at the Jakarta Convention Center, 4−7 March 2010. The press conference was attended by representatives of all parties involved including APO Secretary-General Shigeo Takenaka; Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) President Mohamad S. Hidayat; Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Chairman Teisuke Kitayama, Chairperson of the EPIF Preparatory Committee in Japan; and Acting Secretary General Harry Heriawan Saleh and Director-General Masri Hasyar, Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration(MOMT). In addition, members of the international press and over 40 local media organizations were invited to cover the official launch of preparations for the 6th EPIF. (Click here for the list of media coverage.)

photo 3Mr. Hidayat

The press conference began with opening remarks from KADIN President Hidayat. In his invitation to the fair, Mr. Hidayat stressed the need to adopt eco-friendly production process and technology and KADIN’s commitment to supporting sustainable development in the country in concert with the government and all stakeholders. Promising a collective effort to make the EPIF 2010 a success, President Hidayat stated that, “The EPIF 2010 will also serve as a historical milestone for Indonesia in building a brighter, more sustainable future.”

photo 3Secretary-General Takenaka

APO Secretary-General Takenaka briefly introduced the APO and the EPIF, which is a part of the Green Productivity (GP) Program launched in 1994 as a strategy to harmonize productivity enhancement with environmental preservation.

photo 3Mr. Harry Heriawan

Acting Secretary General Harry Heriawan Saleh then gave remarks highlighting the importance of environmental issues to Indonesian industry and promised the support of his ministry for the hosting of the EPIF 2010.

photo 3Mr. Kitayama

Chairperson Kitayama applauded Indonesia for hosting the next fair, an important mega event at a very challenging time. Citing environmental issues as “a pressing problem facing us all,” Mr. Kitayama described Japanese industry’s support for the EPIFs via the activities of the Green Productivity Advisory Committee and the implications of the fairs for the business community. “The EPIF epitomizes cutting-edge competitiveness and productivity, showcasing how companies may survive and outpace competitors through eco-products, eco-services, and eco-initiatives.”

photo 3Mr. Masri

Mr. Masri Hasyar, APO Director for Indonesia and Director General, Training and Productivity Development, Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration, expressed the commitment of the country’s national productivity organization to holding the EPIF 2010.

Before the group took questions, Dr. Handito Joewono of KADIN gave a briefing on the EPIF 2010. The local organizers are planning to receive 100,000 visitors given the increased concern and interest in environmental issues by the government, business community, and general public.

Indonesia, which hosted the UNFCCC Conference in Bali in 2007 and is a G20 member, is perfectly placed to receive the EPIF torch for eco-commitment from the Philippines and take it to new heights.

Foreign and local media attending the press conference

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