Types of Projects

APO projects cover the industry, service, agriculture, and public sectors. They are designed to provide practical training, share best practices and innovations, and promote knowledge development. Projects can either be multicountry or for an individual country. Participants in APO activities represent diverse groups of productivity stakeholders in member economies. They are expected to create multiplier effects by disseminating their newly acquired knowledge and understanding to others in their home countries.

Multicountry Projects
Observational Study Missions
Training Courses
e-Learning Courses
Individual–Country Projects
Observational Study Missions
Technical Expert Services
Development of Demonstration Companies/Organizations
Bilateral Cooperation Between NPOs
Institutional Strengthening of NPOs

APO projects follow various formats to ensure relevance to the needs of its members and deliver the desired capacity-building results. In the following list, each project type is designated with a three-letter code in parentheses, which is used to identify each APO project as seen in the APO Annual Program.

Training Course (TRC): Impart information and practical skills based on an established body of knowledge following a structured curriculum to improve competency and performance.

Research (RES):In-depth study requiring the collection and analysis of data to address specific productivity-related issues.

Conference (CON):Share or disseminate new knowledge, best practices, and research findings.

Forum (CON):Share views and knowledge on current and emerging productivity-related issues, their implications, and potential solutions.

Observational Study Mission (OSM):Provide opportunities to learn based on direct observations of applications of best practices, innovations, and advanced technologies.

Study Mission to a Nonmember Country (SMN):Provide opportunities to learn from nonmember countries based on direct observations of applications of best practices, innovations, and advanced technologies.

Workshop (WSP):Discuss, share knowledge on, and explore emerging topics related to productivity tools, technique, methodologies, and issues for making relevant recommendations and/or developing action plans.

Technical Expert Services (TES):A program to provide technical assistance to NPOs and related organizations to strengthen their institutional capacities and upgrade technical competencies in line with individual member country needs for productivity improvement.

Development of Demonstration Companies/Organizations (DMP):A program to establish model projects to improve productivity in factories, companies, and organizations and then disseminate best practices to others.

Bilateral Cooperation Between NPOs (BCBN):Provide opportunities for productivity professionals, high-level officials, or policymakers from NPOs or related organizations in one member country to visit one or more other NPOs, organizations, or enterprises for mutual learning and collaboration.

Institutional Strengthening of NPOs (DON):A program to provide capacity building for NPOs on strategically selected themes that align with member countries’ needs.

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