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8 Feb 2022

The APO Technical Expert Services (TES) Program engages specialists in a range of topics at the request of member countries for in-country consultancy. TES aims to [Read More]

3 Feb 2022

The APO Accreditation and Certification Program is a strategic initiative to elevate the role of National Productivity Organizations (NPOs) and their affiliates in member countries to [Read More]

31 Jan 2022

Food systems in the Asian region have undergone important changes over the past decades, mostly due to rapid economic growth, increasing populations and demographic shifts, rapid [Read More]

27 Jan 2022

The APO is emphasizing more inclusive, innovation-led productivity growth in the Asia-Pacific while promoting the adoption of Green Productivity and safe food practices. Improving agricultural productivity [Read More]

25 Jan 2022

In an era of digitalization when digital transformation allows faster communication and lowers costs, while strengthening business management and operations, it also poses challenges for SMEs [Read More]

18 Jan 2022

Raising public-sector productivity is key to improved citizen satisfaction, enhanced trust in government, increased cost-effectiveness of programs, and better national economic competitiveness. A series of projects [Read More]

17 Jan 2022

While the world is recovering from COVID-19, 2022 is a cautiously optimistic year. As new variants emerge periodically, challenges and uncertainty are likely to endure. Nonetheless, [Read More]

13 Jan 2022

Anniversary Publication

The APO published Reason for Growth: 60 Years of Asian Productivity to mark its Diamond Jubilee and showcase the role that productivity has played in the [Read More]

11 Jan 2022

virtual workshop focusing on adopting Industry 4.0 applications

The ease of access to the internet and ICT, digitization, and usage of data have been identified as fundamental, effective ways to improve productivity and are [Read More]

7 Jan 2022

To satisfy their constituents and create public value, leaders and managers of public-sector organizations must be able to develop effective strategies and employ strategic management. Taking [Read More]

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