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2 Dec 2019

Innovations for public-sector agility

From health, education, and welfare to agriculture, commerce, and public safety, there is scarcely a single facet of daily life not affected by public-sector policies and [Read More]

28 Nov 2019

Delivering future-ready public services

As public-sector services receive greater scrutiny and applications of data and disruptive digital technologies expand possibilities, government officials need constant upskilling to meet higher expectations. Big [Read More]

23 Nov 2019

Productivity master plan for Lao PDR

By relying mostly on the use of natural resources, integration into the regional market, and gradual opening of the economy, Lao PDR has recorded significant advances [Read More]

19 Nov 2019

Transformative potential of SA/SF

Smart agriculture/smart farming (SA/SF), two terms used interchangeably, makes operations easier and more convenient, especially for the youth, elderly, and women. SA minimizes natural resource degradation [Read More]

14 Nov 2019

Assessment of smart manufacturing needs

The Asian Productivity Organization (APO) and China Productivity Center (CPC) organized a coordination meeting for the research project on Assessment of Smart Manufacturing and Needs of [Read More]

30 Oct 2019

The Asian Productivity Organization (APO) released the APO Productivity Databook 2019, an annual analytical report on recent and long-term productivity and economic performance in the Asia-Pacific. [Read More]

21 Oct 2019

Regulatory policies emphasizing deregulation, privatization, re-regulation, and the creation of independent oversight agencies are viewed as critical by many governments. However, regulatory effectiveness must be evaluated [Read More]

11 Oct 2019

The availability of accessible, affordable rural resources allows many villages in the Asia-Pacific to continue long cultural and regional craft histories utilizing household labor. Handicraft production [Read More]

9 Oct 2019

A new relationship has emerged between the public sector and citizens: services are now designed with citizens in mind and from their perspectives. Citizens in the [Read More]

8 Oct 2019

What happens in agriculture directly affects rural development, and vice versa. The role of agriculture continues to be crucial in all economies by ensuring food security, [Read More]

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