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22 Feb 2017

The National Productivity Council (NPC) of India organized a conference on Results-based Monitoring (RBM) and Evaluation of Public-sector Programs in New Delhi, 14–16 February 2017. The [Read More]

22 Feb 2017

Secretary-General Dr. Santhi Kanoktanaporn visited the Republic of Mauritius from 16 to 18 February 2017 during the Industrial Human Resources Development for Africa: Training Course on [Read More]

21 Feb 2017

APO Secretary-General Dr. Santhi Kanoktanaporn emphasized the importance of focusing on sustainable productivity in a public lecture and seminar organized by the National Productivity and Competitiveness [Read More]

19 Feb 2017

Knowledge management (KM) has been a focus of Asian Productivity Organization (APO) activities for well over a decade. A two-day meeting to review and update the [Read More]

17 Feb 2017

Over 80 participants representing government departments, the food-processing and manufacturing industry, SMEs, and academia involved in promoting innovation and productivity enhancement attended the National Conference on [Read More]

10 Feb 2017

Asian Productivity Organization (APO) Secretary-General Dr. Santhi Kanoktanaporn said that there was a need for a strategic direction and foresight to address sustainability issues and broaden [Read More]

10 Feb 2017

The APO, in collaboration with the Pan African Productivity Association (PAPA) and National Productivity and Competitiveness Council (NPCC) of Mauritius is currently implementing a training course [Read More]

8 Feb 2017

With international trade in food booming, consumers are increasingly concerned about food safety, how food is produced, and how it is handled within supply chains. New [Read More]

7 Feb 2017

Social enterprises have become increasingly popular in various countries in recent years. Several examples show that social enterprises are effective means of creating vibrant rural communities. [Read More]

1 Feb 2017

  • EPIF to create opportunities for domestic and overseas businesses to exhibit the latest eco-products, -technologies, and -services focusing on B2B, B2C, and B2G.
  • Provide opportunities for
[Read More]
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