The Asian Productivity Organization

Established in 1961 as an intergovernmental organization, the APO contributes to sustainable socioeconomic development in Asia and the Pacific through policy advisory and capacity building.


Member Economies

The APO membership is open to countries that are members of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific. >>


The APO comprises the Governing Body, the national productivity organizations, and the Secretariat headed by the Secretary-General. >>


Dr. AKP Mochtan assumed the post of APO Secretary-General on 16 September 2019. >>

APO History

In 1959, after the 1st Asian Round Table Productivity Conference in Tokyo, a convention for the formation of an Asian productivity body was drafted. It was adopted as the Asian Productivity Organization charter in 1960 at the 2nd Asian Round Table Productivity Conference in Manila.

APO Convention

“The objective of the organization is to increase productivity through mutual cooperation between member economies. The convention mandates that as an organization spearheading the productivity movement, the APO shall remain non-political, non-profit making, and non-discriminatory in character.”


Stories of how APO initiatives have impacted the lives of people and helped organizations achieve productivity growth and transformation. >>


Are you passionate about transforming the future of APO member economies through smart initiatives? Join the APO to make a difference. >>


What does the APO do? Why does it promote productivity, and how? Find quick answers to all your questions about the APO. >>


The official logo of the APO is a montage of two icons: an industrial gear and grains on stalks with “APO” appearing at the base. >>


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