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11 Jan 2022

virtual workshop focusing on adopting Industry 4.0 applications

The ease of access to the internet and ICT, digitization, and usage of data have been identified as fundamental, effective ways to improve productivity and are [Read More]

7 Jan 2022

To satisfy their constituents and create public value, leaders and managers of public-sector organizations must be able to develop effective strategies and employ strategic management. Taking [Read More]

5 Jan 2022

Rice mechanization workshop

The APO assists member countries in adopting new and next-generation technologies and practices to enhance productivity and sustainability in agriculture by showcasing proven methods. Mechanization saves [Read More]

27 Dec 2021

The APO and NPO, Pakistan, encouraged innovation-led productivity growth through a workshop on Innovative Business Models for Industry 4.0

Digitization and applications of digital technologies are revolutionizing methods of production, distribution, marketing, and overall business management. They are also blurring the boundaries between business functions [Read More]

24 Dec 2021

The APO and NPC, India, held a virtual workshop focusing on Waste Management in Manufacturing SMEs through MFCA and Lean.

According to the APO Productivity Databook 2020, the manufacturing sector contributes significantly to the GDP of both developed and developing APO members. Manufacturing is also [Read More]

21 Dec 2021

“Fiji magic” was on full display on 10 December 2021. It was not about rugby, for which the island nation is world famous, but a celebration [Read More]

20 Dec 2021

The APO and KPC shared effective practices and learning from the ROK’s data governance experience with other countries from the Asia-Pacific.

Data governance in the public sector is a whole-of-government approach to creating, protecting, using, managing, and sharing data as a strategic asset, enabling informed decisions that [Read More]

15 Dec 2021

The APO Presents Productivity Talk on Innovation Systems for Sustainable Development on 17 December 2021

This P-Talk explores how innovation systems can be harnessed to drive sustainable development. In recent years, as sustainability issues have become more prominent, there have been [Read More]

15 Dec 2021

workshop on Developing National Innovation Systems

Innovation creates new demand and enhances productivity, making it central to sustainable growth and development. However, innovation is not an inevitable process. Economists from MIT found [Read More]

15 Dec 2021

The APO Presents Productivity Talk on Marine Debris and Sustainability on 21 December 2021

At least 14 million tons of plastic end up in the oceans every year, and plastic makes up 80% of all marine debris found from surface [Read More]

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