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11 Oct 2019

The availability of accessible, affordable rural resources allows many villages in the Asia-Pacific to continue long cultural and regional craft histories utilizing household labor. Handicraft production [Read More]

9 Oct 2019

A new relationship has emerged between the public sector and citizens: services are now designed with citizens in mind and from their perspectives. Citizens in the [Read More]

8 Oct 2019

What happens in agriculture directly affects rural development, and vice versa. The role of agriculture continues to be crucial in all economies by ensuring food security, [Read More]

7 Oct 2019

The APO Agricultural Transformation Framework recommends the assessment of the readiness of member countries to embark transformational initiatives for their agricultural sectors as part of program [Read More]

2 Oct 2019

With the objective of assessing the various models and initiatives adopted by member countries to digitize their public sectors, the APO has started a research project [Read More]

1 Oct 2019

Climate change and extreme weather events, automation, and worldwide political volatility will drive changes in coming decades. However, these changes are difficult, if not impossible, to [Read More]

30 Sep 2019

The Asian Productivity Organization (APO) announced that Dr. AKP Mochtan had assumed the post of APO Secretary-General on 16 September 2019 after being elected at the [Read More]

12 Sep 2019

Work plays a central role in modern life. Many social benefits are delivered through jobs, from the more tangible ones such as healthcare and wages to [Read More]

10 Sep 2019

Material flow cost accounting (MFCA) is a management tool developed in Germany which focuses on the optimization of resources throughout operational flows. It examines the use [Read More]

9 Sep 2019

The Asian Productivity Organization (APO) along with the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) conducted the second Certified Productivity Practitioners Course from 19 to 30 August [Read More]

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