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Centers of Excellence

The APO Center of Excellence (COE) Program allows the best practices of a national productivity organization (NPO) in a specialized area to be emulated by other NPOs. The scope of a COE includes sharing knowledge and methods through training, workshops, and study missions.
An APO COE is a formally designated institution or network of institutions in a member country which has a world-class level of competency, with exemplary performance and experience, in a specific body of knowledge or area that contributes to productivity.
We have established four COE to intensify the promotion of productivity in the region, especially in areas of great relevance to member countries.

COE on Business Excellence in Singapore
Established: 2009

To strengthen the Business Excellence (BE) capabilities of APO member countries, SPRING Singapore was designated as the pilot COE on BE in 2009 to facilitate learning and sharing of best practices and the adoption of BE frameworks and quality award models among enterprises in APO member countries. The COE focuses on five key approaches:
1) facilitating best practice sharing;
2) developing the competencies of BE assessors and consultants;
3) enhancing the capabilities of member countries in managing their BE initiatives;
4) undertaking research; and
5) strengthening and sustaining the leadership of the COE on BE.

COE on Green Productivity in the Republic of China
Established: 2013

Spearheaded by the China Productivity Center (CPC) and in conjunction with several government ministries in the Republic of China (ROC), the center supports the APO in promoting and implementing Green Productivity (GP)-related activities, as well as in sharing valuable examples and success stories of GP in the Asia-Pacific region. The activities of the COE on GP focus on four key themes covering the three major sectors of agriculture, industry, and services:
1) resource recycling;
2) green energy;
3) green factories; and
4) agro-innovation.

COE on Public-sector Productivity in the Philippines
Established: 2015

The COE on Public-sector Productivity (PSP) was established within the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP). The COE takes a leading role in assisting the APO to promote and undertake PSP-related activities in the Asia-Pacific region. The COE on PSP concentrates on projects to help member countries develop and strengthen their programs to improve productivity in the public sector. It also conducts continuous review of the APO PSP Framework and develops the capabilities and competencies of members in using productivity methods, tools, and techniques.

COE on IT for Industry 4.0 in India
Established: 2017

With the world moving rapidly toward the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the APO was quick to identify the related needs of its member countries and set up the COE on IT for Industry 4.0 led by the National Productivity Council (NPC) of India. The COE aims to support industries in member countries to become more competitive and productive in the new digital economy era. The COE also focuses on solutions that can help in bridging technology gaps by prioritizing and incentivizing the adoption of Industry 4.0 technology to improve productivity.



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