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18 Apr 2018

The Asian Productivity Organization (APO) will launch a self-learning e-course on Smart Manufacturing through its digital learning platform eAPO on 1 May 2018. The course will [Read More]

18 Apr 2018

PrintWe live in volatile times. Disruptive technologies, changing demographics, evolving work models, political upheaval, and a protectionist stance toward global trade, as marked by the UK [Read More]

6 Apr 2018

As part of its special program for promoting public–private partnerships to enhance food value chains in Asian economies, the Asian Productivity Organization (APO) held a National [Read More]

4 Apr 2018

To disseminate and share updates on Green Productivity (GP) and its impact on overall productivity among Cambodian government officials and industries, the Asian Productivity Organization (APO) [Read More]

2 Apr 2018

The Asian Productivity Organization (APO) along with the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) organized a workshop on Developing Productivity Specialists in the Public Sector in [Read More]

28 Mar 2018

Former Secretary-General of the Asian Productivity Organization (APO) Mari Amano received the title of APO Honorary Fellow for 2017 in Tokyo on 27 March 2018. The [Read More]

26 Mar 2018

As part of continuing initiatives to assist African countries in developing qualified productivity practitioners and trainers, the Asian Productivity Organization (APO) organized a course in Windhoek, [Read More]

26 Mar 2018

Asian Productivity Organization (APO) Secretary-General Santhi Kanoktanaporn, along with Secretariat Agriculture Department Program Officer Dr. Sheikh Tanveer Hossain, spent 14 and 15 March 2018 in Dhaka [Read More]

26 Mar 2018

During a visit to Sri Lanka on 12 and 13 March 2018, Asian Productivity Organization (APO) Secretary-General Santhi Kanoktanaporn’s schedule was full. Meetings were held with [Read More]

14 Mar 2018

In efforts to build member countries’ capacity to adopt the Fourth Industrial Revolution, including senior government officials involved in industrial policy formulation and representatives of industrial [Read More]

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