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Upcoming Projects

Please note that in connection with the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), some projects listed below may be postponed. 

23–25 September 2020 (Virtual Session)
Workshop on Consultancy Skills and Strategies for Industry 4.0

5–7 October 2020 (Virtual Session)
Workshop on Agricultural Transformation for Food Security

5–9 October 2020 (Pakistan)
Workshop on Advanced Postharvest Technology for Horticultural Crops

6–8 October 2020 (Virtual Session)
Training of Trainers on Village Tourism Development

12–16 October 2020 (Malaysia)
Training of Trainers on Regulatory Reform Agendas for Productivity Growth and Competitiveness

28 October 2020 (Virtual Session)
Conference on Successful Models of Smart Public Service Delivery

28–29 October 2020 (Thailand)
National Conference on Temperature-controlled Supply

2–4 November 2020 (Indonesia)
Conference on Education for Future Industry

2–6 November 2020 (Pakistan)
Workshop on Productivity Quality and Innovation for Transforming Economies

2–6 November 2020 (Postponed to 2021) (India)
Workshop on Digital Agribusiness for Women Entrepreneurs

4–6 November 2020 (Virtual Session)
Organic Agroindustry Development Leadership Course in Asia

16–18 November 2020 (Virtual Session)
Workshop on Smart Resource Productivity Management

16–18 November 2020 (Virtual Session)
Workshop on Sustainable Productivity Models in Agriculture

16–20 November 2020 (Thailand)
Training of Trainers on Critical Big Data Analytics to Drive Productivity

23–27 November 2020 (Fiji)
Workshop on Data Assessment for Public-sector Productivity Improvement

25–27 November 2020 (Virtual Session)
Training of Trainers on Government Digital Services for Public-sector Productivity

25–27 November 2020 (Virtual Session)
Workshop on People-centric Digital Transformation

1–3 December 2020 (Virtual Session)
Training of Trainers on Advanced Strategic Management for Enhancing Productivity

6–10 December 2020 (Bangladesh)
Training of Trainers on Lean Manufacturing Systems

7–9 December 2020 (Virtual Session)
Training Course on Smart Regulation

7–10 December 2020 (Indonesia)
Conference on Climate-resilient Agriculture

7–11 December 2020 (Japan)
Workshop on Women’s Empowerment for Productivity Gains

10 December 2020 (Virtual Session)
Conference on Strategies for Strengthening National Innovation System

18–29 January 2020 (Philippines)
Development of Public-sector Productivity Specialists (APO Certified Public-sector Productivity Specialists)

8–12 March 2021 (Sri Lanka)
Training of Trainers on Development of Rural Leadership for Change