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Upcoming Projects

4–5 March 2020 (Thailand)
National Conference on Temperature-controlled Supply Chains in Asia

9–13 March 2020 (Pakistan)
Workshop on Advanced Postharvest Technology for Horticultural Crops

15–20 March 2020 (USA)
Study Mission to a Nonmember Country on Future Food Business Models

16–20 March 2020 (Cambodia)
National Seminar and Training Course on Organic Agriculture and Product Development for Farmers and Producers in Cambodia

22–25 March 2020 (Bangladesh)
Workshop on Sustainable Productivity Models in Agriculture

23–27 March 2020 (Indonesia)
Training of Trainers on Building Sustainable Supply Chains for Agriculture

6–10 April 2020 (Japan)
Workshop on Shaping the Future of Rice Value Chains and Policies

7–9 April 2020 (ROK)
International Conference on Blockchain Solutions for Productivity

20–23 April 2020 (Singapore)
APO Developmental Workshop for Practitioners of Business Excellence

20–24 April (India)
Workshop on Digital Agribusiness for Women Entrepreneurs

10–12 May 2020 (Bangladesh)
Conference on Successful Models of Smart Public Service Delivery

11–15 May 2020 (Sri Lanka)
Workshop on Sharing Best Practices in Transparent Governance for Productivity Growth in the Public Sector

18–22 May 2020 (ROK)
Workshop on Smart Service and Technology for Enhancing Productivity in the Service Sector

18–22 May 2020 (Japan)
Multicountry Observational Study Mission on Modern Farm Machinery

25–29 May 2020 (Sri Lanka)
Training of Trainers on Development of Rural Leadership for Change

25–29 May 2020 (ROC)
Workshop on Consultancy Skills and Strategies for Industry 4.0

1–5 June 2020 (Mongolia)
Organic Agroindustry Development Leadership Course in Asia

8–12 June 2020 (Japan)
Multicountry Observational Study Mission on Emerging Models of Controlled-environment Agriculture

8–12 June 2020 (UK)
Study Mission to a Nonmember Country on Smart Cities and Urban Mobility

10–12 June 2020 (ROC)
Research on a National Smart Manufacturing Implementation Framework (Coordination Meeting)

22–26 June 2020 (Indonesia)
Workshop on Policy Initiatives for Attracting Youth and Preventing Attrition in Agriculture

6–9 July 2020 (Indonesia)
Conference on Climate-resilient Agriculture

15–17 July 2020 (India)
Research on Case Studies of Manufacturing Transformation Strategies for Industry 4.0 (Coordination meeting)

20–24 July 2020 (Fiji)
Workshop on Data Assessment for Public-sector Productivity Improvement

20–21 July 2020 (Thailand)
Training of Trainers on Critical Big Data Analytics to Drive Productivity

26–28 August 2020 (India)
Digital Innovation Process Guide for Manufacturing SMEs (Expert Group Meeting)