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6 Jun 2022

Developing a new generation of public-sector productivity specialists
The COVID-19 pandemic has hit organizations and employees in every sector worldwide in unprecedented ways, including the public [Read More]

2 Jun 2022

Entrepreneurship is a major impetus for innovation, productivity, and long-term economic growth. The digital economy provides fertile ground for entrepreneurs to flourish as digital technologies open [Read More]

30 May 2022

Strategic foresight is a structured, systematic way of using ideas about the future to anticipate and better prepare for change. It is about exploring different plausible [Read More]

25 May 2022

In the current business environment, which is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA), enterprises need to strategize not only to remain competitive and profitable but also [Read More]

24 May 2022

Agriculture is one of the sectors most vulnerable to climate change. Shifts, instability, and extremes of temperature and precipitation directly impact its productivity. Agriculture is also

[Read More]

19 May 2022

Productivity Talk on 24 May 2022

This P-Talk shares the practical experience of a university hospital in I.R. Iran in improving health outcomes utilizing timely, reliable

[Read More]

19 May 2022

Productivity Talk on 31 May 2022

This P-Talk highlights smart technologies introduced to coastal fisheries in Japan. Information such as boat location and catch is collected

[Read More]

18 May 2022

Food-related businesses in Asia are becoming more dynamic, complex, and competitive. Food systems in the Asian region have undergone major changes due to rapid economic growth, [Read More]

17 May 2022

Customer experience management (CXM) is a critical component of business success, encompassing the processes used to track, oversee, and organize every interaction with customers throughout the [Read More]

9 May 2022

Productivity Talk on 17 May 2022

This P-Talk discusses biodigester systems that convert manure and other biowaste into biogas to provide households with clean cooking fuel,

[Read More]
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