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17 May 2022

Customer experience management (CXM) is a critical component of business success, encompassing the processes used to track, oversee, and organize every interaction with customers throughout the [Read More]

9 May 2022

Productivity Talk on 17 May 2022

This P-Talk discusses biodigester systems that convert manure and other biowaste into biogas to provide households with clean cooking fuel,

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9 May 2022

Productivity Talk on 10 May 2022

This P-Talk discusses how the awareness and adoption of renewable energy can be disseminated in rural areas, taking APO demonstration

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22 Apr 2022

Productivity Talk on 28 April 2022

This P-Talk explores micromobility, meaning electric lightweight vehicles, and why it matters for improving productivity, cutting emissions, and increasing the

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20 Apr 2022

The APO recognizes the diverse, unique strengths of its members and offers opportunities for mutual collective benefit through the Individual-country Observational Study Mission (IOSM) Program to [Read More]

15 Apr 2022

Productivity champions and stakeholders gathered in Ulaanbaatar to celebrate Mongolia’s fame and reputation as the “land of mighty warriors” when the country celebrated three decades of [Read More]

14 Apr 2022

Productivity Talk on 21 April 2022

This P-Talk highlights innovative technologies available for SMEs in the food sector. Yusuf Tokdemir, Agrifood Industry Specialist, Turkey, showcases successful

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11 Apr 2022

Productivity Talk on 14 April 2022

Energy efficiency and management are prominent tools under the APO’s Green Productivity framework to strengthen the triple bottom line of

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30 Mar 2022

Productivity Talk on 31 March 2022

This P-Talk shares the findings of the APO Productivity Outlook 2021, a joint APO and Korea Development Institute (KDI)

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25 Mar 2022

The APO Presents a Productivity Talk on Intelligent Automation in the Service Sector on 31 March 2022.

This P-Talk discusses how intelligent automation (a combination of robotic process automation and artificial intelligence) in the service sector can offer unprecedented economies of scale and [Read More]

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