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Agroindustries spur economic development, create jobs in rural and urban areas, increase food security, and reduce poverty. This report by Prof. Ralph D. Christy, Research Fellow [Read More]


This research was undertaken to show how the current gaps and weaknesses in systems for monitoring agricultural productivity in APO member countries could be addressed. The [Read More]


To assist practitioners, producers, extension workers, and related professionals in disseminating sustainable agricultural development methods, this manual contains insights and experiences of resource persons on Good [Read More]


A compilation of papers presented at the Asian Food and Agribusiness Conference 2013: Biotechnology and Global Competitiveness covering trends in biotechnology applications, commercialization of agricultural biotechnology, [Read More]


Synthesis of a pilot study jointly conducted with the Kyushu University Asia Center examining agricultural policies in six APO member countries (India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Republic of [Read More]


Selected papers from three APO projects on the topics in the 2006–08 period covering consumer trends, labeling and branding, certification, and contributions to rural development.


The Seven D approach to develop community capacity, which views a community as both the object of development and the most important actor in the process, [Read More]


A synthesized result of various APO projects, this manual contains a wealth of useful information needed to implement a food safety management system at enterprise level.


The Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive of the EU came into effect in 2006. The APO published this manual aimed at SMEs in the electrical and [Read More]


This compilation of seven resource papers and 13 country reports covers currently applied commercial agricultural biotechnology applications as well as those still in the R&D stage [Read More]


Extension systems play key roles in raising agricultural productivity. The reports here examine innovations in extension services, including ICT-based networking, the group approach, and expansion of [Read More]


The results of a survey and reports at a follow-up symposium show how social capital and communities are changing with greater urbanization in 10 APO members.
[Read More]


Estimates of postharvest produce losses vary but are massive, representing numerous types of waste which could be prevented. This compilation contains resource and country papers presented [Read More]


HACCP is the internationally recognized system for the management of food safety for all involved in the production, processing, storage, and distribution of food for human [Read More]


The risks of overreliance on chemical inputs in agriculture are widely recognized. The papers contained here point out that the success of nonpesticide approaches to controlling [Read More]


While the Asian financial crisis of 1997 obviously affected banking and business, its impact on agriculture was also profound, in many cases hitting the poorest social [Read More]


The development of nonfarm jobs in rural areas leads to more stable growth of the overall economy. Papers from 17 APO member countries examine issues in [Read More]


Based on the presentations and proceedings of an APO study mission to Japan, this compilation showcases successful rural-based food-processing SMEs, many of which took a participatory [Read More]


Papers from 15 APO members conclude that agricultural diversification is a key to improved productivity and competitiveness, although several preconditions must generally be met before agricultural [Read More]


Farming sustainably in inherently fragile upland areas, which have often been subjected to intensive low-yield agriculture for centuries, requires technical and institutional inputs that are not [Read More]


Appropriate land-use planning requires that slopelands be classified with the integrated use of technologies like GIS, remote sensing, and 3D mapping, preferably combined with local knowledge, [Read More]

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