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Cost reductions, better environmental performance in Pakistan Demo Project

MFCA leads the way to sustainable operations When the Asian Productivity Organization (APO) kicked off a demo project on the efficient use of resources to improve green sustainability in Pakistan, the participating companies started with a major challenge: there was a lack of knowledge and awareness of suitable tools for resource efficiency. Additionally, there were […]

Going GLEAN to shape a sustainable future

An APO demonstration project in India created the new approach “Green Lean (GLEAN)” to integrate lean manufacturing and material flow cost accounting. On his first visit as the APO-assigned expert for a demonstration project in India, Hiroshi Tachikawa, managing director of Propharm Ltd., asked the management participants of all five companies one simple question: “How […]

Making the shoe fit with the right (green) productivity mindset

How MFCA paved the way for higher productivity in two APO demo companies in Bangladesh. Leather and leather goods is Bangladesh’s second-largest export sector. While that’s great for the economy, distressingly the industry is linked to serious effects on the environment and leather sustainability. Realizing the downside, the government looked into adopting sustainable, environment-friendly green […]

And let there be light: an Indonesian off-grid solar PV success story

After months of working on the Asian Productivity Organization (APO)-backed off-grid solar PV training project in Indonesia, it was finally time for the first trial run. International consultants, local partners, and the demonstration company staff were standing by to witness the results of their hard work. Expectations were running high. Then, with just a click […]

Smart manufacturing to drive India’s automotive industry

A demonstration project showed how smart solutions in MSMEs yield multiple benefits while cutting costs. Introduction The Indian automotive industry, with deep linkages to multiple subsectors of the overall economy, has powerful multiplier effects. Its prominent place in the national economy made it an obvious candidate for a demonstration company project under the Asian Productivity […]


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